What are the benefits of hiring an architectural designer?

October 2, 2023
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Building and designing a house from scratch is more complicated than many people seem to realise. You can soon find yourself lost in a pile of design decisions, building codes, contractors, resource consents and much more. Every building project is unique so there is no one-way, clear cut path to follow.

Many think that they’re saving money by not hiring an architect to assist with their design, but the reality is that an architectural designer who has the education, training, experience and vision will guide you through the entire process, helping you to define what you need and helping you get more for your money.

So, what exactly are the benefits of hiring an architectural designer for your next building project?

Architectural designers guide the way

Whether you are remodelling your home, adding on an extension, or building your dream home from scratch a good architectural designer can help you navigate the whole process. They will work with contractors and other building professionals and will help you create a stream-lined design project that meets your needs and works with your budget and timeframe.

Architectural designers are problem solvers

Architectural designers don’t just see four walls and a roof, they see the bigger picture.

They consider your wants and needs (e.g., “I need more storage space in my office”, or “I want an organic indoor-outdoor flow”) and translate that into exciting, dynamic and functional spaces.

They are trained to solve problems in creative ways, with their expansive knowledge of design and construction they can show you alternative solutions to your design wants and needs and options you may never have thought of on your own.

Architectural designers can save you money

One of the biggest obstacles in deciding whether to hire an architectural designer is the thought of the added cost.

However, hiring an architectural designer’s services should be viewed as a wise investment for your money, rather than an added cost to your project. Why?

  • They will plan your project with you. As your ideas evolve, they can assist you in making changes on paper at much less of an expense than they would be later, once building begins. They can work with your budget and will help you select the appropriate materials and contractors at the fairest price. Their thorough house plan designs will also make it easier for contractors to accurately price and build your project.
  • An architectural designer will harness the environment of your site to maximise the heating and natural light to help save money in the long run, on power and heating bills.
  • Architectural designers plan for the future and help you pick materials and finishes that are durable as well as beautiful saving on future maintenance and replacement costs. They stay in tune with the latest advances in roofing, brickwork, construction and more, enabling them to suggest the appropriate materials for your project.
  • They understand that good design sells. A well-designed house reaches a higher resale value, a well-designed shop draws in customers, a well-designed work environment encourages productivity. They’ll work with you to get the best out of your idea.

Architectural designers make your life easier

The reality is that designing and building a home, add-on or office is a long process full of twists and turns. An architectural designer will have your best interests at heart and will guide you through the process as smoothly as possible.

If your project requires specialist services such as engineering and other design services, your architectural designer can help source and coordinate this team of experts. They help you navigate building and resource consents, and help you find qualified construction contractors based on your requirements. During construction, your architectural designer will visit the site to ensure the project is running according to plan

Overall, hiring an architectural designer will help you design smart and build better. Get in touch with the team at Design@OurHouse today to find out how we can help with your next building project.